Yeluchi by Un-ruly is a new at-home hairstyling service currently serving the New York City area and Los AngelesWe fit nicely into your hair routine by providing professional hairstyling services in the luxury of your home.

What’s In a Name?

Yeluchi is a byproduct of Un-ruly.com and our own personal hair journeys. When my sister, Abigail, and I launched Un-ruly, it was simply created as a place to find and curate new hairstyle ideas. Conversations about how to style our hair, quickly turned into conversations about why we were choosing the styles we were choosing and why people have certain responses to them. We soon realized that our hair—Black hair, was and wasn’t “just hair,” and that dichotomy made it special. Our hair (as wise women have said) holds our beauty, our history, our politics and our preferences. So, for that reason, we see Black hair as a gift. So, when it came to choosing a name for our at-home hairstyling service, the natural choice was a play on my Nigerian name, Chiyelu, which means ‘God’s gift.’  To us, Black hair is a versatile and beautiful gift that sits atop the highest point of who we are, expressing everything that’s come before us, everything we are now, and all that’s yet to come.

– Antonia Opiah