Become a Yeluchi Demo Model

Yeluchi by Un-ruly offers at-home hairstyling services in New York City. We work hard to find NY’s very best hairstylists and part of our process for doing so is letting stylists demonstrate their skills. We’re looking for women to act as ‘demo models’ for our stylist demos. Participating means you’d get a free hairstyle by a licensed professional. To participate, fill out the form below and we’ll send you more details. Be sure to also read our terms of participation.

IMPORTANTSigning up to be a demo model means you’re helping us find excellent stylists while weeding out stylists that won’t be a good fit for our platform. It also means, there’s a chance you might get a stylist that’s not so great, or you may not be happy with the finished hairstyle—two important things we advise you to keep in mind when signing up. (Note: we ask for your address because in some cases demos may be held in your home, like our real appointments).

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