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A staple in the Black hair world, weaves allow you to play with color, texture and length while protecting your own hair. A full weave install with leave-out covers the whole head, while leaving a small section of your own hair (typically around the hairline or a strip in the middle) is left out to cover the tracks.

Don’t want a full weave install?

Choose a half weave install instead. A half weave install is installed up to ear level (bottom half or top half of the head). Click here to book a half weave install for $175.

Don’t forget to buy your hair!

Picking extensions that are exactly the length, texture and color you want can be subjective, so we don’t provide hair for our services, meaning you’ll have to purchase your own. Luckily, we have a few recommendations in case you need them.  For a full weave, we recommend buying 2 packs of hair. For top quality human hair extensions in various textures and lengths, check out Mayvenn, Sunny’s Hair and Boho Exotic Studio.


Reviews (56)

56 reviews for Full Weave Install

  1. Miesha (verified owner)

    I liked that Erica texted me the night before and asked me about the way I like my hair done and details on products and tools I liked. It was like a mini consultation which made me feel much more comfortable.

  2. Lori (verified owner)

    I love your service!!! Not sure if you offer this, but I’d love if you did faux lock installs.

  3. Denise (verified owner)

    Latanya was wonderful! She came early, we chatted on what I wanted prior to her beginning, and she checked in through out to make sure I was satisfied. She was fantastic! I have been referring friends to the service and will tell them to ask for her!

  4. Chanelle (verified owner)

    Latanya did a great job! She was incredibly attentive and asked a lot of questions about what I wanted, plus the weave was done excellently. Super natural and well-done. I think the only thing I would suggest moving forward is for the stylists to fully style the hair when there is leave-out, as opposed to leaving it to the customer.

  5. Chloe (verified owner)

    Loved my stylist and the service. She was so kind and patient and will definitely be booking again with her!

  6. Chesley (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the service! Maybe offering a wash and set service so I can maintain my look would be awesome!

  7. Corinne (verified owner)

    Roxy is an absolute pleasure and is my stylist of choice each time.

    Yeluchi should maybe add faux locs to their menu (cute and fun style gaining much attention).

  8. Zakiya (verified owner)

    LOVE how my hair came out, Taahira was amazing, knowledgeable, professional, and quick!

  9. Selena (verified owner)

    Taahira was truly amazing!
    She was 30 minutes early, she was friendly, attentive, professional and highly qualified. I highly recommend her and will use again.

  10. Deja (verified owner)

    I think Latanya was the sweetest person. She was so kind and on time and knew exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to have her come again!!!

  11. Cheyenne (verified owner)

    Just try to space out appointments so clients are on time and group appointments in one area so she’s not going from upper west side to Brooklyn back to Harlem

  12. Desiree (verified owner)

    LaTanya was AMAZING!! She was right on time, pleasant, professional, and patient. I had to breastfeed my 3 month old during my appointment (my wife was running late) and she didn’t even bat an eye or make me feel uncomfortable. Will be requesting her services from now on.

  13. LaSans (verified owner)

    Erica was absolutely amazing!! When she finished with my hair I was so ecstatic looking at the finished product. I mean it looks FAB. I literally feel like a new person. She did such an awesome job, seriously. Everyone I showed my hair to has said the same thing “ it looks great and they love it” super happy with my hair and Erica. I definitely plan on booking her again for next month!

  14. Natasha (verified owner)

    Tiffany B. is truly the best, she worked magic- miracle worker. My hair looks fantastic. She is a true gem of a stylist, so talented and professional. THANK YOU

  15. Kayla (verified owner)

    loved it

  16. Taylor (verified owner)

    Latanya was nice and informative, and was careful removing my weave. I plan to use her for my next install.

  17. Nakia (verified owner)

    This was my second appointment with a Yeluchi stylist and this one was perfect. I waited a few weeks before providing my review to ensure it accurately reflected my opinion on the service. Weeks later, I still love it. I’m not irritated, my hairline isn’t stressed. After a trip to the beach, the tracks are still secure. People tell me it looks very natural.

  18. Shandira (verified owner)

    I think Yeluchi is great! I like that you added more styles. Maybe down the line you can offer kids braided services? Other than that I love Yeluchi and often recommend it to friends and family.

  19. Brianna (verified owner)

    The stylist was on-time, knowledgeable and friendly. I loved the service and will definitely be making another appointment.

  20. Johanne (verified owner)

    Love this service!! I got braids dinner for my birthday and they came out AMAZING. Thank you!

  21. Hadiza (verified owner)

    My stylist was very courteous and polite but my weave was one of the worse I have ever done. Besides not bleaching my closure which I wasn’t aware of ( and didn’t matter because I had color hair spray) the placing of my closure was too far back and not straight making it look awkward. My braids were too tight and too bumpy. I took the weave off today as it was pulling my scalp from every angle.
    Also I think extra services need to be explained better on the site so people can add on what they need.

  22. Alece (verified owner)

    Erica is an incredible, professional, intelligent, and communicative stylist and a wonderful person. I thought I would have to put on Netflix, but our conversation was so good! We have a lot in common. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for someone doing my hair is paramount to my experience. And to add that my hair came out fabulously!! I can’t wait to have Erica do my hair again.

  23. Sola (verified owner)

    Once again, outstanding experience with you guys. Each time i’ve used this service i’ve had a new stylist and all of them have been wonderful. Thank you for also allowing me to get a closure installed.

  24. Sola (verified owner)

    Always happy with your services. Latanya is so sweet and attentive and always a pleasure to be around.

  25. Dame (verified owner)

    Latonya was awesome! She was professional and caring. I will never go to a salon again. Not as long as Yeluchi is in Business.

  26. Malikah (verified owner)

    Love you guys and my style came out cute! But the stylist was pretty rude. She was late since she couldn’t find parking, which I didn’t mind because it’s not anyone’s fault. But her attitude about it was pretty bad and she made some rude comments about how should have given parking advice (I’ve lived here for 4 days so can’t comment on parking). She also didn’t come with any styling tools, and was going to leave without blending my leave out. I had to ask her to do it and give her my own flat iron because she didn’t have anything. And not required, but usually home stylists offer to sweep the hair/thread off the floor before they go, but as soon as she finished she just rushed out the door.

  27. Denise (verified owner)

    Great service

  28. Jamece (verified owner)

    LaTanya was amazing. Sweet, attentive and she helped me with recommendations on hair, products and how to maintain my style. Highly recommend her!

  29. Robin (verified owner)

    Very good service and convenient. Would like to see hair coloring services.

  30. Maggie (verified owner)

    Cant think of anything right now. Already refferred my friend Siamanda who will also be needing your services for her 2 daughters. You got 3 new clients in one go

  31. Deborah (verified owner)

    Latanya helped make my wedding day phenomenal!!! She was very professional and this is one of the best sew ins I ever had !!! Thank you soo much❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Denise (verified owner)

  33. Carla (verified owner)

  34. Rilka (verified owner)

  35. Lauren (verified owner)

  36. Clara (verified owner)

  37. Kristin (verified owner)

  38. Lauren (verified owner)

  39. Rachel (verified owner)

  40. Ebony (verified owner)

  41. Ashley (verified owner)

  42. Chanelle (verified owner)

  43. Rianne (verified owner)

  44. Denise (verified owner)

  45. Shaunita (verified owner)

  46. Massiel (verified owner)

  47. Cristina (verified owner)

  48. Berioska (verified owner)

  49. Dame (verified owner)

  50. Kimberly (verified owner)

  51. Kimberly (verified owner)

  52. LUDANA (verified owner)

  53. DEITRA (verified owner)

  54. Allison (verified owner)

  55. Allison (verified owner)

  56. Yata (verified owner)

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