Medium Width Box Braids

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Box braids are a great protective hairstyle that gives you more flexibility when it comes to styling. Medium width box braids are shown here. We offer three different lengths:

  • $225Book Shoulder Length, Medium Width Box Braids (shown)
  • $250Book Mid-Back Length, Medium Width Box Braids
  • $300Book Hip Length, Medium Width Box Braids

Heads up: We don’t like to have Yeluchi stylists out too late, so we don’t offer thin braids as they’re time intensive.

Pro Tip: For a sleek finish and longer-lasting braids, we recommend stretching your hair out with a blow dryer before your stylist arrives. If you need help, you can add-on a pre-style blowout when booking.

Don’t forget to buy your hair!

Picking extensions that are exactly the length, texture and color you want can be subjective, so we don’t provide hair for our services, meaning you’ll have to purchase your own.  For this style, we recommend 7-8 packs of kanekalon braiding hair. The beauty shop is a great place to purchase braiding hair, or you can purchase hair on Amazon just be sure to check that it’s the color you want.

Reviews (49)

49 reviews for Medium Width Box Braids

  1. Danielle (verified owner)

    Roxy was absolutely amazing. She’s someone I’d be friends with. It was a totally enjoyable experience and I couldn’t be happier with my hair.

  2. Star (verified owner)

    I really appreciate that you all were able to find someone that came out to jersey city.

  3. Zakiya (verified owner)

    Roxy was amazing, I love my braids! They’re the perfect size, very neat, and don’t feel tight in the slightest. She was fast and good company. Thank you Roxy!

  4. Sabrina (verified owner)

    Loved the convenience and appreciated the Erica’s professionalism

  5. Sharon (verified owner)

    I should have printed the pics I found but could not upload with my initial appt. request. I wish Roxy asked me more questions abt what I was looking for. I might have gone with a different style. I should have been more descriptive up front or had pictures. I didn’t like from when back was done but thought it would look different when done. Too much scalp showing. My bad, not stylist.

  6. Corinne (verified owner)

    Honestly, everything was great.

  7. Tracy (verified owner)

    Overall, great service and much appreciated!

  8. Brooke (verified owner)

    My rating was completely based on Erica. Booking with yeluchi online is still far from seamless.

  9. Effua (verified owner)

    Overall, I really enjoyed the convenience of the service and Roxy was a JOY to have in my home. I honestly can’t find one area of improvement for you- I am in love with this service- thank you!

  10. Brooke (verified owner)

    Erica is THE best! I can’t imagine having anyone but her bc she is incredibly light handed and my braids are never too tight. Yeluchi should work on recommending hair extensions by style type. Perhaps it’s included in FAQs.

  11. Marcy (verified owner)

    Roxy was a sweetheart!! She was focused and didn’t seem tired or agitated. She has patience and dealt with a lot of outside forces trying to distract her in my home. She was awesome! Would definitely use the service again

  12. Tia (verified owner)


  13. Tia (verified owner)

    Tiffany has done my hair twice now and has become apart of my little family here! Me and my roommates love having her here and she always delivers on my hair!!! I am OBSESSED with the style and how perfect each braid is. She is a genius and a QUEEN! THANK YOU!

  14. Michelle (verified owner)

    Overall great experience and I was in a rush. I would just have Emma check-in about length of time and hairstyle in the beginning.

  15. Ana (verified owner)

    The only issue I had was that it took about 9 hours to braid. Tiffany did an awesome job. It was the first time I did box braids on my hair and had no idea it would take that long. I am still satisfied with my hair and will plan on booking her for my next appointment.

  16. Chanelle (verified owner)

    Tiff is awesome! Will book with her hopefully for years to come!

  17. Julia (verified owner)

    Emmanuela was great but unfortunately she was not on time because her previous client was and hour late to arrive which set off a chain reaction. I think a grace period would be helpful for this so she can properly service subsequent clients. Beyond that glitch she was excellent and super fast!

  18. Julia (verified owner)

    Everything was great

  19. Tia (verified owner)

    Tiffany is the best! She was early and done so so fast and I LOVE my style! I will be posting on Instagram soon! ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Heaven (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved Tiffany! She was amazing and I would recommend her to everyone. She did my hair exactly how I envisioned and attentive to all my needs! She is a super nice person too, so I felt very comfortable with her!

  21. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Tiffany did an amazing job!

  22. Iyaka (verified owner)

    Roxy was a pleasure to meet and she was very kind and gentle. She listened and executed my braids perfectly, Yeluchi, best hair decision ever made. Thank you Roxy

  23. Tia (verified owner)

    Again Tiff crushed it! Another fantastic do, just in time for my trip to Paris! Get ready for all the selfies and the tags!

  24. Gyna (verified owner)

    I wish I was able to have my hairstylist Instagram page. Because usually when I book I go through their page and make sure I like their work.

  25. Tamara (verified owner)

    Such an easy process, start to finish. Hair came out beautifully and I was able to do all the things at home I needed to do.

  26. Fabiola (verified owner)

    You ladies are awesome!

  27. Dana (verified owner)

    One of the best braiding experiences I ever had. Tiffany did an amazing job and has the sweetest demeanor. I absolutely love my hair and will recommend your services to all of my friends and family!

  28. Alysa (verified owner)

    Provide a braid removal service. I am going to need assistance.

  29. Talia (verified owner)

    Roxy was great! Will definitely book her again.

  30. Johannah (verified owner)

    She was great. You offer an amazing service

  31. Jordan (verified owner)

    Excellent service. I recommend the team send a “what you’ll need for your appointment” text a week before with specific information related to your appointment (e.g. remember to get pre-stretched hair; remember to wash and dry your hair prior to the apt…etc)

  32. Tiffany (verified owner)

    She was great!Arrived and finished on time, super sweet and got me thinking about my next appt and styles.Looking forward to booking her again.

  33. Gillian (verified owner)

  34. Jinelle (verified owner)

  35. Kathryn (verified owner)

  36. Lateesa (verified owner)

  37. Kristall (verified owner)

  38. Alana (verified owner)

  39. Abike (verified owner)

  40. Geraldine (verified owner)

  41. Sandrine (verified owner)

  42. Chanelle (verified owner)

  43. Monique (verified owner)

  44. Vivian (verified owner)

  45. Kim (verified owner)

  46. Gaia (verified owner)

  47. Allan (verified owner)

  48. Raven (verified owner)

  49. Brynne (verified owner)

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