Small Knotless Box Braids


It’s been a long time coming but, Small Knotless Box Braids are finally here!

The Knotless Box Braid method refers to the hair being fed in as your stylist braids. As a result, you’ll get a braid that’s not as bulky, flows like real hair, and not as heavy on your head, meaning more hair flips!

If you’d like to add curly/wavy ends or flyaways to this style, you can do so as add-ons.

Note: We also offer the sizes listed below. For mid-back length add $50 and for waist length add $100.

  • Starting at $350 – Book Small – (Pictured: Waist-length add $100)
  • Starting at $300 – Book Medium-Small
  • Starting at $250 – Book Medium
  • Starting at $225 Book Large
  • Starting at $200 – Book Jumbo
  • Starting at $175 –  Book Super Jumbo

Pro Tip: For a sleek finish and longer-lasting braids, we recommend stretching your hair out with a blow dryer before your stylist arrives. If you need help, you can add-on a pre-style blowout when booking.   

Don’t forget to buy your hair!

Purchase all the hair you need for this style, already pre-bundled, with our very own line pre-stretched braiding hair. Click here to buy!

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