Stitch Braid Cornrows (3-10 Braids)

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Select this style if you’d like the stitch (train track) effect in your cornrows. This style consists of braids with braiding hair added via the feed-in method.

Note: The feed-in method (also known as the Ghana braids) refers to when extensions are gradually added to your hair, with little to no hair being added at the start of the cornrow and then more being added as the hair is braided. The results are cornrows that are smaller where they begin and wider where they end, giving a more natural look without all the bulk.

Pro Tip: For a sleek finish and longer lasting braids, we recommend stretching your hair out with a blow dryer before your stylist arrives. If you need help, you can add-on a pre-style blowout when booking.

Don’t forget to buy your hair!

Picking extensions that are exactly the length, texture and color you want can be subjective, so we don’t provide hair for our services, meaning you’ll have to purchase your own. Purchase all the hair you need for this style, already pre-bundled, with our very own line pre-stretched braiding hair. Click here to buy!

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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Stitch Braid Cornrows (3-10 Braids)

  1. Ashley (verified owner)

    I love your service and Majorie was an absolute gem! I would definitely book her again. She took her time and was so gentle with my hair. I would love to see you offer curly hair cutting services (i.e. Devacut stylist). Also, for your wash services, it would be nice to understand how that works in more detail on your site. (i.e. do you provide your own products, do you need a certain type of sink, etc.)

  2. Brittany (verified owner)

    I ADORRRREEEE Majorie. I will be booking her again once my braids loosen.

  3. Madison (verified owner)

    My stylist was GREAT. Ja’net is so sweet and professional. Loved working with her!

  4. Tiffany (verified owner)

    Ja’Ne’t was professional, pleasant, patient, and punctual! She was able to marry all my different requests into one style and gave me exactly what I asked for. And her work was on point and clean. I would book her again!

  5. Donna (verified owner)

    The whole process was ideal – able to communicate with you whenever any additional queries came to mind. I prepared as per the guidance/tips online so the entire process was very smooth, with no surprises. Will definitely use again!

  6. Queen (verified owner)

    1000/10! Loved everything about the process and service. Kudos!

  7. Christina (verified owner)

  8. Donna (verified owner)

  9. Victoria (verified owner)

  10. Morgan (verified owner)

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